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I’ve been working on my personal development recently and I’ve realised that I’m uncomfortable selling myself.  I can easily talk about why I enjoy helping my clients and our achievements, but I clam up when I have to talk about myself.  I thought that as a Marketing Consultant this may seem a bit odd or even embarrassing but when I also discovered many of my business-owner friends also feel …

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Our culture encourages us to compete from an early age – particularly for our dream job.  I used to think that competition was healthy. I thought that by competing to be the best, I’d achieve more, I’d be more successful and I’d win in life. I was wrong.   Working for a few years in a high pressured, senior sales job with a target of millions pa in the City …

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How can you prove value for money or value over cost? I’m self-employed and offer a marketing consultancy service that is time intensive which is reflected in the cost.  The bespoke service achieves great results and I therefore consider I offer great value, particularly in comparison to competitors.  I wouldn’t view my service as a ‘premium price’ however, there seem to be an increasing number of businesses who are signing on …

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